Powerful cleaning

Existing hydro-sonic dishwashers use industrial process which uses waves that oscillator attached underneath the sink generates by shaking the sink.

By K-CLEAN’s special technology, K-CLEAN directly sprays hydro-sonic into the water in all direction, which provides faster and stronger cleaning compared to other dishwashers.

Low noise

Existing hydro-sonic dishwashers have oscillator attached under the sink so it makes about 360dB of noise.

Using patented special process with extruded oscillator, K-CLEAN is quiet and gives you comfort.


K-CLEAN is made of special elements.

Special element is light and strong so it is used to make cars, aircrafts, and spaceships. K-CLEAN is resistant to corrosion and impacts thanks to special elements used for oscillator. We are providing customers healthy and semi-permanent products.

Fast dish washing process

It takes about an hour for a person to do wash piled up dishes but with K-CLEAN your dish is washed while you drink a cup of coffee.

K-CLEAN will do the dishes.

Cleaning fruits and vegetables

K-CLEAN is not just for dishwashing.

Not only dishwashing but sterilizing fruits and vegetables and making it fresh helps you enjoy your meal .

Shellfish furwater sediment and Cleaning other foods

Now you don’t have to spend so much time cleaning shellfish.

Hydro-sonic dishwasher will do it for you and can make your meat taste better by hyper-sonic bubbles enhancing texture of the meat.

Electricity is one tenth, labor costs are one-half, detergents are one third.

division general water pressure washing machine K-CLEAN savings on use K-CLEAN
management expenses electric cost 100,000won (4Kw 4Hour) 9,375won(1Kw 1.5Hour) 90,625won
gas bill 95,000won 0won 95,000won
water bill 50,000won 30,000won 20,000won
detergent 100,000won(detergent,rinse) 35,000won(environmentally friendly detergent) 65,000won
personnel costs(months) input personnel(number of person)
/personnel cost
one person(monthly 1.8million won) 0.5person(monthly 900.000won) 900,000won
annual cost 25,740,000won 11,692,500won 14,047,500won